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get link Our commitment to education and training began in 2009 when we created and launched our Riyadh based “bricks and mortar” education facilities providing vocational training to pre and post high school level students, primarily women. These charitable schools teach 800 students annually in courses ranging from English language, retail and financial services, through to professional management. This effort was launched from a standing start in 2010. The accomplishments of our students has promoted our profile as a leader in Middle East vocational and academic training. In this new and challenging environment we have graduated 95% of our students with international certification credentials in their chosen disciplines.

tadalafil 20 mg how long does it last Our culture promotes hard work and success. Hands on classroom teaching is enhanced by leading edge online training and study options. Unlike the new breed of e-learning only training groups, we still require classroom attendance in a peer-to-peer learning environment simply because it produces far superior professionals and results. By focusing on student success and skills that places the premium on student outcomes, we create specific learning programs to ensure that individuals graduate with the skills, knowledge and experience valued by potential employers in growing industries, while also preparing students for life-long learning and transition to further certification and degree study options.

Our career education courses are vast in number but focus on nursing and medical staff, hospitality, and business management.

We provide a mix of internationally recognized and accredited courses from work ready certificates through to professional management qualifications. We also tailor programs to meet the needs of corporate and government clients.

We educate our students to English Language B1/B2 level, which is US level IH/AL/AM. We provide cultural awareness and sensitivity classes as well as orientation.

Our Students

We offer educational programs and services, online and on-campus for young adults seeking vocational and management level skills, accreditation and certification. Our large pool of applicants share certain key elements:

Proven academic success: Qualified, certified English Literacy to your college or university’s standards (example: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English Language, City and Guilds)

Family or Government financial assistance to assure payment of 100% of tuition, room and board, and related expenses.

We invite you to contact us if your college or university is seeking qualified international student candidates. Our advisory agreement may be reviewed as well.

A Brief Note on Complaince

Compliance is a significant part of our overall business strategy. It is also a key responsibility to our students and corporate customers. US Federal and State standards and UK Education Standards were established for the benefit of our students. Our commitment however is to exceed these standards at both National and International levels. Our founders put in place an organizational structure developed through extensive industry research and with the experienced approval of our Directors and industry advisers, each with long term international experience in the delivery of modern education. The organizational structure is designed to create natural checks and balances or “Chinese Walls” in a continuing effort and focus on regulatory and operational compliance. The goal is singular; To maintain a culture of integrity, purposeful education and mentoring of post high school, young adults seeking to improve or launch their careers.

We would like to begin a dialogue to discuss your institution’s potential interest in vetting our prospective applicants for admission.

Seeking Great International Students? We have them!