Practice makes Perfect!

viagra for daily use best price Recently we have received many comments from students who would like to practice on the application system before beginning their formal application process. We have heard you all and agree. Your confidence in making application to Colleges and Universities with the COLLEGE4U system is important to you and to us. So we are making our Demo system available to students. You will need a demo registration code and a bit of our assistance to access the Demo system. Email us at or chat with us if you are new to College4U to receive your Demo instructions.

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enter paypal to buy viagra If you are working with our Staff already, or are part of a introductory seminar, our staff will have your login information ready for you. Just ask them for the information and then click the button below to begin your practice / Demo Session!

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Enter the College4U Demo System

follow link IMPORTANT!!! This is a Demo system for practice only! Completing an application in this system WILL NOT gain access to the College4U application system and will NOT be seen by Colleges and Universities using our system.