COLLEGE4U executives have created and launched traditional education facilities providing vocational training post high school level students and Montessori Teacher Training in KSA.

These charitably organized schools teach 800 students annually offering short (60 day) through standard (4 semester) course work with a 95% graduation rate of students with international certification credentials in their chosen disciplines. These are the Rafaah Ladies Schools in Saudi Arabia.

Working in partnership with City & Guilds, the world’s premier provider of English speaking, international vocational curriculum and certification, and other leading edge providers of vocational training, training technology, and human resources tracking and management technologies, COLLEGE4U has succeeded in creating a unique approach to modern education combining the right amount of traditional training with technologies that accelerate and enhance skills development and retention of content for students at all levels of educational competency.

Our students have achieved their education goals and prepared themselves for academic success in undergraduate institutions in North America and the UK. Their success as international students attending colleges and universities in these locales led to requests from education ministries and academic counselors throughout the Middle East and Asia to assist in the preparation and placement of many more students into accredited, well known 4 year programs. These requests led to the development of the COLLEGE4U proprietary placement system which brings Universities and Colleges together with international student applicants seeking undergraduate degrees.

If you are a University or College seeking qualified international students and would like to speak with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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