We all have them! Below is a growing list of the most common questions asked by international students. We update this list often.  However if you have a question that does not appear on this list, chat with us by clicking the blue icon on the bottom left of this page and we will be happy to help you!

What is College4U?

College4U was created by educators and counsellors to serve the unique needs of international students seeking to earn 4 year undergraduate degrees at colleges and universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Students and parents they had counselled during the college application process wanted more access to more colleges and universities and a process that put their students at its center.  The College4U on-line system provides students, their counsellors and parents a single  application point to access all of the College4U college and university partners. It provides colleges and universities with simple tools to review applications, communicate with students easily and privately, and to make offers of admission to students. Students and parents may then research the colleges they receive offers from and make a decision to attend the college or university that is best for the student.

How do I choose the right college?

Choosing the right College is a personal choice based upon many things. What are your career goals? What area of study do you want to pursue? What are the tuition costs? What are the room and board costs?  Do you want to attend a  a large university or a small college? Do you want to attend college or university in a city or in the countryside? Do you want your college or university to be near an international airport which serves your home city? Can I find good pizza or coffee on or near the campus? The list of questions is very personal and may seem overwhelming. However the College4U founders know two things to be absolute for every student;

  1.  Your college and university requirements are unique to you.
  2.  Having many choices of colleges and universities that have made you offers makes finding the perfect one for you an easier decision.

Our system intends to offer students a single place to find their international undergraduate college or university. To offer them as many options as we are able, and to help them in their own unique college or university selection process.

What is the best time to make application to college or university?

There are generally timelines that the admissions staffs of the majority of colleges follow. Staying within these time lines will bring students the most opportunities from the best known colleges or universities.

  • Early Decision – November 15
  • get link Standard Application Deadlines – January 1st – March 15th (actual date is specific to each college or university)
  • source Rolling Admissions – Anytime after August 1st and ending on or about the Standard application deadline established by the college or university.


What is an Undergraduate Degree?

There are two types of undergraduate degrees offered by colleges and universities, a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree.  Each one is unique to both the college and university you attend.  As a student or parent of a student seeking to earn an undergraduate degree it is important to know the differences in each degree. Below are a few general guidelines to help secondary school students and their parents understand the differences between the two undergraduate degrees. Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is the most common undergraduate degree. When students consider attending a four year international college or university they are commonly seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree. While many 4 year bachelor degrees exist, the most students seek to earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Through general education, electives and major coursework, students can normally complete a bachelor’s degree program in four years. At most universities, a bachelor’s degree requires at least 120 credits. Some bachelor’s degree programs combine coursework with cooperative work-study in the later 2 years of providing experience in a professional field of interest.

source url Associate’s Degree

Students using the College4U system generally do not seek an associate’s degree however many of the colleges and universities we work with offer an associates degree. Associate’s degree programs offer courses to build job ready skills which prepare students for entry level job and employment opportunities and are offered at community colleges, technical schools, and junior colleges. To earn a degree a student is generally required to complete 60 academic credits for a period of two years. Associate’s degree programs are offered at community colleges, technical schools and junior colleges. Many students who have completed secondary school and are employed who want to change careers or the industries apply to associates degree programs. Many of these students also use the credits, academic experience and associate’s degree as a path to a bachelor’s degree. Many schools offer programs with a bachelor’s degree transfer option, allowing you to complete your first two years of study at a community college and finish at a four year college or university. Common associate’s degrees include the Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts.


What is a Bachelor of Arts degree?

A Bachelor of Arts is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program which seeks to provide a broad range of education through.  Bachelor of Arts programs commonly offer a broad range of study options in many course disciplines.   Courses in the arts and humanities may be balanced with math and science courses. Bachelor of Arts programs seek to broaden and deepen a student’s global and local understanding.  Additionally a Bachelor of Arts program seeks to develop analytical, critical thinking, written and communication skills. Typically within the second term of an undergraduate student’s second year at college or university students declare a Major or course of study with specific application to their chosen professional fields.  A Bachelor of Arts degree is suitable for student’s seeking versatility and options in seeking a career or a graduate degree.

Moreover, such a major sharpens awareness of art, history, philosophy, and technology and the impact of these disciplines on contemporary issues. In doing so, this broad course study program increases students’ abilities to think and to communicate clearly.

What is a Bachelor of Science Degree?

A Bachelor of Science degree is one of the most common degrees awarded to graduates of 4-year programs.  The degree is commonly focused on skills needed for careers in a scientific, technical or professional field.  A Bachelor of Science is awarded to students who complete a science or application (accounting, business, statistics) based course of study. These programs teach biology, chemistry, computer science, math and engineering with specific concentration or declaration of a “major” in anyone of these applied science fields. Regardless of major, most students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree take courses in the humanities, languages or arts, general science, chemistry, math, and history. This broad exposure to academic course study is, like the Bachelor of Arts degree, designed to offer professional skills and versatility with a focus or concentration on scientific or math.

What Careers are available with a Bachelor of Arts degree?

A strength and attraction of the Bachelor of Arts degree are the many options it provides for students to organize a study program that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant. A bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies can be used as preparation for several different careers, including:

  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Publicist
  • Entry-level Management Personnel
  • Social Services Human Relations Officer
  • Para-Professional Librarian
  • Policy Analyst
  • Minister
  • Public Relations Personnel
  • Urban Planner/City Manager
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Politician
  • Non-profit Organizational Director
  • College Recruiter
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Creative Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Grant Writer
  • Speech Writer
  • Anchorperson
  • Training Specialist
  • Medical Communications Trainer
  • Archivist
  • Museum Manager

viagra generic date A Liberal Studies degree may also be used to prepare for graduate study in these areas:

  • Education
  • Business
  • English
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Library Science
  • Law
  • Medical and Health Science
  • Natural Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Speech
  • Communication
What Careers are available to Bachelor of Science Degrees?

Most students who pursue a Bachelor of Science degree seek careers or graduate degrees where their specific major is applicable. These include:

  • Medicine or Medical fields
  • Chemistry
  • Education
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Geology
  • Information Technology
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Engineering
How do I know if the college or university is accredited?

All colleges and universities working with College4U are accredited institutions of higher learning.  viagra 5 mg online kaufen Accreditation is a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. The standards for  legality of buying canadian drugs accreditation are set by a peer review board whose members include faculty from various  accredited colleges and universities.

How many colleges are in the College4U system?

College4U communicates regularly with more than 100 universities and colleges in North America (U.S. and Canada) and the United Kingdom. The list grows weekly based upon student needs, requests, and college and university inquiries.

The College4U founders and advisers carefully researched the application requirements of colleges and universities in North America and the United Kingdom and created an application which is suitable to the vast majority of these institutions of higher learning. In certain instances, colleges and universities may request additional information from students whom they have an interest in such that the information requested meets a specific requirement of their admissions process.

Which is the best country within which to study?

This is a question specific to you as a student and in most cases will be determined by what career you intend to pursue and where you intend to pursue your career after earning your degree. As an example, the requirements of a medical or legal professional differ greatly by country.  Therefore it may not be appropriate to undertake a Bachelor of Science degree with a chemistry or biology major at a United States university if your career plans are to become a practicing Physician in the United Kingdom. The most important requirement where ever you choose to study  is that the institution is accredited. Further up the list of questions on this page we offer a definition of accredited college or universities.

Now as to which country is the best, in truth accredited colleges and universities in all countries we work with now and in the future will offer unique, accredited and recognized degrees. Our students always come first and we recognize how important your undergraduate education is to you! Some students prefer the British midlands to Miami. Some Students prefer New York City to London. Which do you prefer? College4U will help you get there.

I don't see my favorite school in the College4u list, what can I do?

The College4U list in our gallery is a small representation of the diversity of colleges and universities available to College4U students. Should a college or university you would like to apply to not be working with us you may send your College4U adviser or our staff a note, or engage in a chat with one of our experts, and we will contact the college or university directing them to your application within our system. Many of our colleges come to learn of the College4U system this way. Building a true, global, undergraduate community which benefits all international students is our long term goal!

How long will it take or a college or university to accept an applicant?


What are the costs to attend a College or University?

female pink viagra wiki United States and Canada

According to the College Board, the annual average cost of tuition and fees for international students for the 2016–2017 school year was $37,480 at private colleges, $28,930 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. Additional room and board increase the annual tuition by $11,000 – $13,000 annually. Certain programs within these universities may raise the tuition number by an average of $5,000.00. More prestigious colleges and universities can be more than double these costs.  Learning materials (required books and supplies) for the 2016–2017 school year were $1,250 at public colleges and $1,230 at private colleges.

follow url United Kingdom

If you are not from the United Kingdom, you may pay upwards of £20,000 per annum to earn a postgraduate degree. The amount differs based on which university you attend and what subject you are pursuing.

You may also have to purchase books and supplies for the classes that you are attending. If this is the case, your university will help you determine what the average book cost is.

As a single student living in England, your weekly budget including rent should be approximately £240.89 ($370 USD). You can certainly live off of less than that depending on the flat you are renting, but that average (which comes out to £15,000/$23,000 USD annually).

What is the difference between a state and private school?

The major difference between public universities and private colleges lies in how they are funded.

This affects students because funding is tied to tuition prices. Most public universities and colleges were founded by state governments, some as early as the 1800s, to give residents the opportunity to receive public college education. Today, state governments pay for most of the cost of operating public universities. They also oversee these institutions through appointed boards and trustees.This influx of public money is why tuition is lower at a public university. The real cost of an attendance is subsidized. Money raised from tuition doesn’t need to cover all of a public college’s expenses, such as paying faculty.

Meanwhile, private colleges don’t receive funds from state legislatures. They rely heavily on tuition and private contributions. This means tuition rates are generally higher.

enter site Size and Degree offerings

Another difference between private and public colleges is their size and the number of degrees they typically offer. Private colleges tend to be much smaller than public universities and may have only a few thousand students. Public universities and colleges can be big, and some are huge. One example of a large public university is Ohio State University, home to 42,000 undergraduates.

Students who want a wide choice of majors can find them at public universities. In a single large public university, undergraduates will be enrolled in academic programs ranging from traditional liberal arts to highly specialized technical fields.  Private colleges offer a smaller range of majors, but often have a particular academic focus. Some private colleges may emphasize the liberal arts or the fine arts, for instance, while others focus on engineering and computer science.

go to link Class Size

Class-size is another major difference. Private colleges keep classes small, with easy access to professors. At public universities, however, 200 students may be enrolled in some classes, especially in lower-division courses.

Private and public colleges also tend to have different demographics and ratios. For example, in-state students applying to their public universities are admitted in far greater numbers and pay lower tuition than students applying from out-of-state. In contrast, state residency isn’t crucial at private colleges, which results in a greater geographical diversity among the student body.

* Source, Peterson’s Guide

What Standardized Test Scores will be Accepted?

For Universities and Colleges, standardized tests are an important indication of a student’s academic background and aptitude compared to other students seeking admission.  The College4U system requires one of the following widely accepted English Language Exams  – the TOEFL or the IELTS.  However, the system enables students who may have completed Advanced Placement exams, SAT Exams or ACT Exams to input their scores into the system as well.

For international students, standardized test score requirements are subject to change by individual universities or colleges with each successive admissions cycle. College4U member universities and colleges will update their admissions requirements as necessary – but be assured, colleges and universities who do change standardized test score requirements do not affect current applicants.

For assistance with arranging to sit for an SAT exam, please contact your local counsellor, your school guidance office or visit .

For assistance with arranging to sit for an ACT exam, please contact your local counsellor, your school guidance office or visit .

College4U and the UCAS system.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. It is an excellent system for students seeking to attend UK universities. UK universities use any number of methods for recruiting and processing admissions for international students, the UCAS is one of them. Most UK Colleges and Universities working with College4U uses the UCAS system and College4U in pursuit of qualified international applicants. We work closely with UK Colleges and Universities who use the College4U system to ensure the needs of their admissions staff and the needs of our students are properly met.

May I defer or not accept and offer?

Yes, offers may be declined or deferred. The College4U system does not change the flexibility or requirements of any student. College4U only seeks to offer greater opportunities and options to the student and the colleges and universities seeking them.

May I apply in grade 10 or 11?

Students of any grade may use the College4U system provided they meet the minimum academic requirements necessary. For most Colleges and Universities 3 years of secondary school are required, and additionally an SAT or ACT score and an IELTS or TOEFL score.

Does College4U provide scholarships?

Currently, College4U does not provide scholarships. Many Colleges and Universities we work with offer scholarships to international students on an individual basis and then after they have been made an offer of admission.

Who helps me with Visa issues?
How will College or University Admissions staff contact me?

Initial communication with a student is made directly through the College4U private communication system. Alerts are sent to the student via the email used for registration and login. And remember your assigned College4U adviser and members of the College4U staff are available to help should you have any concerns or questions about how to respond to a college or university admissions staff message. We will be adding video call functionality in the future, but should an admissions member request a video call, we can help set one up – generally through the university or college video conference technology platform.

How do I accept an offer for admissions?

The process for accepting an offer will differ by college or university. Each will explain the acceptance process through direct communication with the student when an offer is made to them. College4U is notified when an offer is made and when an offer is accepted and your account is updated to reflect your acceptance to a college or university.

How do I pay the service fee?

Our regional representatives may be contacted directly (via the Contact Us page) to arrange payment for service. Methods vary based upon the country of origin. If you are a student working independently from a counsellor or your school we great! Just contact us and we will send you a link for secured payment via PayPal.  Once completed you will receive a registration code which unlocks the application system for your account.

Do I have to pay a service fee every year I attend college or university?

The College4U service fee is a one time fee. No additional payments are requested by College4U.

After payment, will my child be guaranteed an offer to a college or university?

Qualified students generally receive multiple offers of admissions through the use of the College4U system. There have been exceptions but they are rare. After completing the College4U application and then receiving approval of its completion by a College4U representative, should a student not receive an offer from a university or college registered with the College4U system, we will refund the service fee to the family.

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